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The Cash Management Leadership Institute (CMLI) is a new offering designed to provide must-have content to treasury and cash management leaders and to advance strategies for optimizing an organization’s cash position.

Through an exclusive, intimate conference event in 2025, CMLI will enable networking, sharing of best practices and the facilitation of dedicated, 1:1 meetings between finance leaders who have active needs and the solution providers who serve them.

CMLI is a product of Diversified Communications, a Portland, Maine-based global media company with offices in the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong. With over 500 employees and 75+ years of experience, Diversified Communications is a proven leader in the service and production of industry-leading offerings.

Within the finance and accounting space, Diversified is best known for the IOFM and Accountex brands. Through ongoing dialogue with finance industry leaders, a market need for CMLI was discovered and established.

We look forward to more exciting announcements regarding CMLI in the weeks ahead and we encourage you to get in touch to learn more.


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Cash Management Forum by CMLI

March 18-19, 2025

Austin, TX

Join us for two days of 1-to-1 meetings with solution providers, peer-to-peer networking and conference sessions led by experts.

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