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Future-Proofing Cash Management: Embracing Automation to Navigate Financial Complexity

Feeling the crunch of stretched credit terms and extended DSO? You’ll only make things worse by trying to manage your cash flow manually. That’s the takeaway of CMLI’s recent study of nearly 150 large companies.

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Overall, nearly one in four companies with long DSOs (>60 days) manage their cash with automation verses just one in 20 who do not. Automation can help businesses reduce their DSO by eliminating manual data entry in generating invoices, avoiding delays in getting the payment cycle started. Without adequate automation, decision-makers don’t have real-time visibility into operational performance and cash flow.

Automated systems can also accept numerous payment methods, speeding up the time it takes to receive funds. Automated email can be sent to customers approaching their due date, prompting faster payments, and reducing the chances of overlooked invoices.

Automation can also provide insights into outstanding invoices and customer payment trends to help businesses address issues before they escalate into overdue payments.

Discover what else can help you get through this uncertain time by downloading this free benchmarking report today.

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